Montag, 13. Februar 2012

We have a Spitfire! and WIPs!

Hey everypony!
Anpan here, today, i am proud to present that we found a perfect cosplayer for the role as our Wonderbolt Spitfire!

It is G-chan
I met her last year in her awesome Chell costume and asked her quite spontaneously if she would be our #1 Wonderbolt at Dokomis Saturday.

Here some more examples of her previous cosplay:

Fionna from Adventure Time

Gwen Tennyson - Ben10

 Wii-Tan - Human Wii-Version

We are glad to welcome her to our group! Thank you G-chan, You´ll be awesome! :D

Work-in-progress pictures
well, lets see some teaser here:

My Fluttershy Galadress
Santis Twillight Sparkle Galadress

You like sewing? and Lolitafashion?
I recently discovered Mias Blog, "Mia´s Geflüster"

She is very good at sewing, a graceful Lolita and was very kind as i asked her  about sewing tipps!

go and visit her blog! She also has great tutorials! :D

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