Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Introduction ErikL

Hey guys! My name is Fabian and I'm a 22-years old student, who lives in a one horse town ;D
Though I've been into the cosplay-scene for quite a while now, I've never taken it too serious. Times gotta change, so I thought the invitation to this wonderful group might be the perfect chance to work hard.

Of all the cosplays I have done before only two are somewhat possible to be called "quite good" - Judge for yourself and see me now as the marvellous Mr. Lehnsherr and the skeleton musician Brook.

         Brook from  One Piece   Erik Lehnsherr from X-men

Right now I recognize that both cosplays are yellow and black. 'Guess deep inside my soul I'm a buzzing bee.

But for this new project I had to make a really hard decision. The Lagerfeld-Lookalike is such a funny little pony, however I decided to dedicate myself to Mr Fancy Pants

Ahhh yeah, just in case you are wondering ...

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