Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

First group meeting!

YES! we had a great day last thuesday! This was our first group meeting in casual ponycos.

Can you guess who is who in the picture? ;)

We have been very excited and silly while taking these Print-club pictures, but we totally had fun!
Did you already know everyone? On the top left picture, you see Pinkie, Twillight and  Fancy pants in de top row, Rarity in the middle, next to her Dr. Whooves.
Ind the last row there are obviously Rainbow, Pinkie and Fluttershy. ;)

The weather wasn´t the kindest that day, so we couldn´t get some nice photos done. But we will repeat that and try to get the best photographs ever! well, if that would be allright? maybe?

A big "thank you" to everyone who could make it, you are great! :D

other great news:

Our rarity is proud to present:

AJs Dress is finished!

sorry, just a teaser XD

and, we want to welcome our friend Leni as Applebloom to our group!
more info coming soon! :D

with best regards,

Montag, 13. Februar 2012

We have a Spitfire! and WIPs!

Hey everypony!
Anpan here, today, i am proud to present that we found a perfect cosplayer for the role as our Wonderbolt Spitfire!

It is G-chan
I met her last year in her awesome Chell costume and asked her quite spontaneously if she would be our #1 Wonderbolt at Dokomis Saturday.

Here some more examples of her previous cosplay:

Fionna from Adventure Time

Gwen Tennyson - Ben10

 Wii-Tan - Human Wii-Version

We are glad to welcome her to our group! Thank you G-chan, You´ll be awesome! :D

Work-in-progress pictures
well, lets see some teaser here:

My Fluttershy Galadress
Santis Twillight Sparkle Galadress

You like sewing? and Lolitafashion?
I recently discovered Mias Blog, "Mia´s Geflüster"

She is very good at sewing, a graceful Lolita and was very kind as i asked her  about sewing tipps!

go and visit her blog! She also has great tutorials! :D

Introduction ErikL

Hey guys! My name is Fabian and I'm a 22-years old student, who lives in a one horse town ;D
Though I've been into the cosplay-scene for quite a while now, I've never taken it too serious. Times gotta change, so I thought the invitation to this wonderful group might be the perfect chance to work hard.

Of all the cosplays I have done before only two are somewhat possible to be called "quite good" - Judge for yourself and see me now as the marvellous Mr. Lehnsherr and the skeleton musician Brook.

         Brook from  One Piece   Erik Lehnsherr from X-men

Right now I recognize that both cosplays are yellow and black. 'Guess deep inside my soul I'm a buzzing bee.

But for this new project I had to make a really hard decision. The Lagerfeld-Lookalike is such a funny little pony, however I decided to dedicate myself to Mr Fancy Pants

Ahhh yeah, just in case you are wondering ...

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Introduction Santi_chan

Hi! My name is Santana and I´m 22 years old.
I´m from germany and one of my biggest hobbies is cosplay.

Here you go with some cosplays I have done before:

1st: Juri Han from Super street fighter 4
(I haven´t played sf before, but since she´s in game, I´m addicted ;) )
I love her character and the very nice costume design like a spider.

2nd: Cornelia Hale from W.i.t.c.h. 
Same here, I love the character design and I adore the colors!
Juri Han and Cornelia Hale
Umbreon and Little red riding hood
3rd: Umbreon  Gijinka (Pokémon)
This was a double Cosplay Project with my beautiful friend Anpan. (her part was espeon) :D She made my ears very nicely and helped me as always very much with the costume. I like umbreon cuz it´s a kind of anti hero character.

4th: Little red riding hood
That was a very spontaneous "cosplay" after some shootings, we just took the decoration and the red coat. I know the story like everyone who liked brother Grimm´s fairytails in their childhood!^^

5th: Miku Hatsune (Various versions)

I saw a fanart and was very impressed by the colours *~* So I had to make the white dress version.
And she´s cute :D

6th: Megpod Gumi as black Matryoshka Version
I never thought about making Gumi until the Martyoshka song came out!I love the crazyness at that version and wanted to make that cosplay so much.

7th: Panty (Panty and Stocking with Gartebelt)Zombie Version

That was my last fast Halloween Cosplay in Korea(Seoul). Well, everything was really very fast done, but it was only a halloween cosplay xD But It was very much fun. I love the show Paswg and the characters are very funny :D

8th: Random
Some pictures we also made together on the shoot with red riding hood. I had the chance to try many wigs *~*

Now, we try to get togehter everything for THIS BIG GALA Project.

My Part will be Twilight Sparkle from My little pony Friendship is magic.She is the main character and always in trouble. Finding out what friendship is she seriously tries everything to save the situation. Of course not successfull at any time, but that makes the character very lovable. And while watching my introduction pictures, you can guess that I also like her colours very much ;)
So let´s see what OUR lesson will be at the convention Dokomi and what I can tell my dearest helper Spike to write our highness Celestia :D

NOW it´s up to you to support me and my friends by donating some money, cuz we are really running out of money :D (see the button below)

And if you want to make the great pony dream true, help us please!x3 We promise, this will be a very awesome Pony Gala Group and you can be a part of us as a supporter!:) 

We keep posting at this blog our works in progress by superkawaii pictures!
Number one from me: my shoes finally arrived :D I will wear the skirt and the tights too. 
Stay exited ;D

Thank you very much!


Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Introduction Anpan

Hy, I am Anna. i´m 24 years old  and live like most of the other members of this Project near Münster in Germany.

I´m a Collector of MLP since a few years and totally adored MLP:FIM when the first episode apperared on the net.
I´m also interested in ponycustoms, especially if the MLP theme is crossed with videogames. :D

Zombiepony by Ankin ~ Portalpony-Artwork by Maria Kilstöm

"Gijinka" or the humanish realisation in a costume from a not-human original is my favorite in kinds of cosplay. My first cosplay, two years ago, was Leafy, a calf from a first generation MLP playset. I got the chance to cosplay the duo Leafy and Lucky leaf with my great friend Anna, she is awesome! (yes, we share the firstname.)

As i got more into cosplay, videogame characters followed, but as MLP:FIM got released, my first costume last years season was RAINBOW DASH!
The wig was to cool not to make. XD

                                                              Leafy and Lucky Leaf ~ Rainbow Dash

Other Gijinka like Espeon followed. one of my favorites so far, Big thanks to Santi for being my great Umbreon! 
And my heroine from my childhood, Gadget Hackwrench! She was always soo cool. she is cute but she also -knows- how to fix things. Brains and beauty. ;)
            Gadget Hackwrench from Chip ´n Dale Rescure Rangers ~ Espeon from Pokemon

I am really looking forward for our project!
After Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy is my favorite character, and i really like her wings. pegasi for the win! .. that means, if you don´t mind..? ...please?

Since childhood, i always had a big collection of rabbit-plushies, and still today i adore rabbits. *u*  Even my mascot is one.

I am one of the organisators for this project, i am responsible for most of the designs and i can tell you, -these- dresses arent cheap. ^^" 
We working very hard to get our best night ever, since the convention even gives a Ball in the evening!

Please support our wish for the best night ever and donate, even just 1$ would help.

Thank you very much! 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via skype: krills_der_weltherrschaft
We look forward to meet you at Saturday on the Dokomi 2012! :D
With best regards,


Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Introduction Venchen

Hey you guys!

My name is Verena, I'm 22 years old and I'm living in a hicktown near Münster.

I am still relatively new to (serious) cosplaying, but I am so excited to be able to join such an awsome project ^^

In my childhood I used to love MLP, but recently I only stumbled upon it as I was asked to join the group by Anna. So I still have to make good for some episodes ;D

Sewing one of these gorgeous dresses will be a big challenge for me, but I still hope I will do a good job! Especially since I am performing as the high princess Celestia. She is so beautiful and elegant and I really want to do her justice :)

I am really looking forward to it and I'm sure in the end the everyone's results will be great! 

See you at the Dokomi,
Venchen ;)

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Introduction Ona

Hi guys ;) I'm Anna. 
I'm a 23 years old student in Münster. I finished some small Cosplay projects but nothing as big as the Grand Gala Project. But I'm very happy to get to opportunity to join ^~^

I'm a pony collector since 2007 because I really fell in love with them ;)

Like Kimchi I'm also interested in Lolita Fashion and I think the style fits perfectly to my character: Pinkie Pie!

                                                                       Sweet Lolita

                                                                       Kobato from the series Kobato
Pinkie Pie is my super duper favourite character. 
She is so much more awesome than any pony =) I share with her my love for sweets, parties and pinkness. I think we fit together perfectly :D
And look out, there are two of us, DOUBLE THE FUN! :D

We are pretty proud to introduce you 2 Pinkie Pies. That means: Double Party Fun, Double Sugar Cuteness and Double Randomness! So my dear Kiwi, we gonna rock the house (and everypony as well!). I'm looking forward to the Dokomi :)


Introduction Kiwi

Hiyah there, I’m Kiwi.*waves* I’m in my very early twenties and currently living in NRW. 

Together with Kimchi, I had the pleasure of meeting Anpan at Animagic 2011 and was more than ready to jump on the bandwagon of the “Grand Gala Cosplay Project”. 

My experience in the field of cosplay in general is … limited but when it comes to cosplaying “little plastic dolls that are targeted at young girls”, I’m a pro. ;) – as  my “Ghoulia Yelps of Monster High” cosplay from last year’s Animagic proves.

For our project, I’m going to be the bouncy, pink, happy-go-lucky, most random pony of them all: Pinkie Pie!

Pinkie was always my favorite; I love her laugh, her songs, her randomness, her ability to find fun and happiness even while facing horrendous monsters in Everfree Forest – and of course I love how she eats nothing but cupcakes and other sweets. ;D

So in order to brighten up your daa-haa-hay at Dokomi 2012 too, I’ll do my very best to be your crazy sugar addicted Pinkie Pie! ;D Tough talk you say?
That’s why we got two Pinkies in our group (It’s a Pinkie thing, the others say, but really? We just want to double the fun! Princess Luna really knows how to throw a party! When she isn’t eating little fillies for breakfast, that is. I don’t think fillies are that tasty but then again I never tried one…). Dear Ona and I will make sure that Dokomi won’t just be the best night but also the best party ever!! =)

If you want to support us through a donation please follow the button, every bit can help us! 

(Rarity is already doing her best but she somehow refuses to alter my dress! Since when is a ball gown made out of tin foil NOT a good idea? I’d look like a gigantic bonbon!) 
We are all looking forward to the best night ever at Dokomi 2012!