Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Introduction Ona

Hi guys ;) I'm Anna. 
I'm a 23 years old student in Münster. I finished some small Cosplay projects but nothing as big as the Grand Gala Project. But I'm very happy to get to opportunity to join ^~^

I'm a pony collector since 2007 because I really fell in love with them ;)

Like Kimchi I'm also interested in Lolita Fashion and I think the style fits perfectly to my character: Pinkie Pie!

                                                                       Sweet Lolita

                                                                       Kobato from the series Kobato
Pinkie Pie is my super duper favourite character. 
She is so much more awesome than any pony =) I share with her my love for sweets, parties and pinkness. I think we fit together perfectly :D
And look out, there are two of us, DOUBLE THE FUN! :D

We are pretty proud to introduce you 2 Pinkie Pies. That means: Double Party Fun, Double Sugar Cuteness and Double Randomness! So my dear Kiwi, we gonna rock the house (and everypony as well!). I'm looking forward to the Dokomi :)


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