Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Introduction Kiwi

Hiyah there, I’m Kiwi.*waves* I’m in my very early twenties and currently living in NRW. 

Together with Kimchi, I had the pleasure of meeting Anpan at Animagic 2011 and was more than ready to jump on the bandwagon of the “Grand Gala Cosplay Project”. 

My experience in the field of cosplay in general is … limited but when it comes to cosplaying “little plastic dolls that are targeted at young girls”, I’m a pro. ;) – as  my “Ghoulia Yelps of Monster High” cosplay from last year’s Animagic proves.

For our project, I’m going to be the bouncy, pink, happy-go-lucky, most random pony of them all: Pinkie Pie!

Pinkie was always my favorite; I love her laugh, her songs, her randomness, her ability to find fun and happiness even while facing horrendous monsters in Everfree Forest – and of course I love how she eats nothing but cupcakes and other sweets. ;D

So in order to brighten up your daa-haa-hay at Dokomi 2012 too, I’ll do my very best to be your crazy sugar addicted Pinkie Pie! ;D Tough talk you say?
That’s why we got two Pinkies in our group (It’s a Pinkie thing, the others say, but really? We just want to double the fun! Princess Luna really knows how to throw a party! When she isn’t eating little fillies for breakfast, that is. I don’t think fillies are that tasty but then again I never tried one…). Dear Ona and I will make sure that Dokomi won’t just be the best night but also the best party ever!! =)

If you want to support us through a donation please follow the button, every bit can help us! 

(Rarity is already doing her best but she somehow refuses to alter my dress! Since when is a ball gown made out of tin foil NOT a good idea? I’d look like a gigantic bonbon!) 
We are all looking forward to the best night ever at Dokomi 2012!


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