Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Introduction Santi_chan

Hi! My name is Santana and I´m 22 years old.
I´m from germany and one of my biggest hobbies is cosplay.

Here you go with some cosplays I have done before:

1st: Juri Han from Super street fighter 4
(I haven´t played sf before, but since she´s in game, I´m addicted ;) )
I love her character and the very nice costume design like a spider.

2nd: Cornelia Hale from W.i.t.c.h. 
Same here, I love the character design and I adore the colors!
Juri Han and Cornelia Hale
Umbreon and Little red riding hood
3rd: Umbreon  Gijinka (Pokémon)
This was a double Cosplay Project with my beautiful friend Anpan. (her part was espeon) :D She made my ears very nicely and helped me as always very much with the costume. I like umbreon cuz it´s a kind of anti hero character.

4th: Little red riding hood
That was a very spontaneous "cosplay" after some shootings, we just took the decoration and the red coat. I know the story like everyone who liked brother Grimm´s fairytails in their childhood!^^

5th: Miku Hatsune (Various versions)

I saw a fanart and was very impressed by the colours *~* So I had to make the white dress version.
And she´s cute :D

6th: Megpod Gumi as black Matryoshka Version
I never thought about making Gumi until the Martyoshka song came out!I love the crazyness at that version and wanted to make that cosplay so much.

7th: Panty (Panty and Stocking with Gartebelt)Zombie Version

That was my last fast Halloween Cosplay in Korea(Seoul). Well, everything was really very fast done, but it was only a halloween cosplay xD But It was very much fun. I love the show Paswg and the characters are very funny :D

8th: Random
Some pictures we also made together on the shoot with red riding hood. I had the chance to try many wigs *~*

Now, we try to get togehter everything for THIS BIG GALA Project.

My Part will be Twilight Sparkle from My little pony Friendship is magic.She is the main character and always in trouble. Finding out what friendship is she seriously tries everything to save the situation. Of course not successfull at any time, but that makes the character very lovable. And while watching my introduction pictures, you can guess that I also like her colours very much ;)
So let´s see what OUR lesson will be at the convention Dokomi and what I can tell my dearest helper Spike to write our highness Celestia :D

NOW it´s up to you to support me and my friends by donating some money, cuz we are really running out of money :D (see the button below)

And if you want to make the great pony dream true, help us please!x3 We promise, this will be a very awesome Pony Gala Group and you can be a part of us as a supporter!:) 

We keep posting at this blog our works in progress by superkawaii pictures!
Number one from me: my shoes finally arrived :D I will wear the skirt and the tights too. 
Stay exited ;D

Thank you very much!


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