Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2012

A thing called friendship

Fillies and gentlecolts,

this is Twilight Sparkle errm Santi_chan (xD) and I can proudly present our "Cosplay Trailer" for our Grand Gala Project.
It was so much fun to make that trailer, and I´m glad that Someponies could make it to the recording.

Of course we all have still much to do and we all aren´t close neighbours, so it was difficult to get everypony  for our Trailer. But at the high expected Convention Dokomi (which will be NEXT weekend :) ) we can finally be all togehter and will enjoy that big party very much!!
We all can´t wait until that awesome weekend and we are looking forward to meet you guys!
So I hope you enjoy our little Trailer-present and then say hi on the Dokomi at Saturday.

See ya!

Meet the ponais!

 14 p.m.
Dokomi entry!