Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

Introduction Anpan

Hy, I am Anna. i´m 24 years old  and live like most of the other members of this Project near Münster in Germany.

I´m a Collector of MLP since a few years and totally adored MLP:FIM when the first episode apperared on the net.
I´m also interested in ponycustoms, especially if the MLP theme is crossed with videogames. :D

Zombiepony by Ankin ~ Portalpony-Artwork by Maria Kilstöm

"Gijinka" or the humanish realisation in a costume from a not-human original is my favorite in kinds of cosplay. My first cosplay, two years ago, was Leafy, a calf from a first generation MLP playset. I got the chance to cosplay the duo Leafy and Lucky leaf with my great friend Anna, she is awesome! (yes, we share the firstname.)

As i got more into cosplay, videogame characters followed, but as MLP:FIM got released, my first costume last years season was RAINBOW DASH!
The wig was to cool not to make. XD

                                                              Leafy and Lucky Leaf ~ Rainbow Dash

Other Gijinka like Espeon followed. one of my favorites so far, Big thanks to Santi for being my great Umbreon! 
And my heroine from my childhood, Gadget Hackwrench! She was always soo cool. she is cute but she also -knows- how to fix things. Brains and beauty. ;)
            Gadget Hackwrench from Chip ´n Dale Rescure Rangers ~ Espeon from Pokemon

I am really looking forward for our project!
After Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy is my favorite character, and i really like her wings. pegasi for the win! .. that means, if you don´t mind..? ...please?

Since childhood, i always had a big collection of rabbit-plushies, and still today i adore rabbits. *u*  Even my mascot is one.

I am one of the organisators for this project, i am responsible for most of the designs and i can tell you, -these- dresses arent cheap. ^^" 
We working very hard to get our best night ever, since the convention even gives a Ball in the evening!

Please support our wish for the best night ever and donate, even just 1$ would help.

Thank you very much! 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via skype: krills_der_weltherrschaft
We look forward to meet you at Saturday on the Dokomi 2012! :D
With best regards,


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