Freitag, 8. Juni 2012


At the Gala, at the Gala... we had the BEST NIGHT EVER!

Dear Fillies and Gentlecolts,

after nearly a year of planning and preparations, we are finally proud to present you:

The Grand Gala Project at Dokomi 2012!


For the first time ever our full group came together, including the Mane 6 (with two Pinkies, so the FUN HAD BEEN DOUBLED! =D), the Apple Family (BigMac, Granny Smith & Applebloom), DJ-Pon3/Vinyl Scratch, Doctor Whooves, Spitfire, Spike, Fancy Pants and her Highness and beloved ruler of all of Equestria, Princess Celestia!

We had lots of fun and met sooo many other Ponies, Bronies and Pegasisters, it was definitely the best night... uhm, day! Ever!

On Saturday around 2 p.m. Our group gathered in front of the Dokomi entry, but soon we were so many people, that we had to find another location. (We truly didn't expect THAT many people/ponies to be there at the meeting point, honestly! :D)

We took a lot of photos, some awesome group-shots and there are even some videos including our project!

After the meet and greet, we moved on to the Japanese Garden in Düsseldorf, which was luckily very close, to take even more photos, followed by a group of fellow bronies. (Many thanks for guarding our luggage, you did a great job! Next time, we want to see all of you dressed up as royal guards, okay? ;D)

As you can see, it was a great day (even though some of us had to find out that little ponies can get sunburn, too!) and the Dokomi was AWESOME! We got tons of positive feedback, and we want to thank everyone who was there, took photos of us and talked to us! You guys ROCKED, and made all our efforts definitely worth it!

Next time our group will gather, will be at the Animagic in Bonn, exact dates will follow soon.

Oh, and we even we're invited to a podcast, which you will find here ( very soon! (Thanks again guys, we had a lot of fun during the interview!)

So stay tuned, and we all hope to see you again at the Animagic!

here is the first batch ofPhotos from Gchans (Spitfires) camera:

next camera batch:

      thank you all for participating!

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